Adec Portable dental chair with fishtail

Sponsored by the
Rotary Clubs of Newberg
P.O. Box 772
Newberg OR 97132 USA

Fax: 503-538-2126

About Rota-Dent

What is Rota-Dent? about-rota-dent

Rota-Dent is an international service project of the Rotary Clubs of Newberg, Oregon USA. Rota-Dent distributes portable dental equipment donated by A-dec and W&H and is a not-for-profit organization. The Rota-Dent program facilitates dental mission trips and mobile clinics using Rota-Dent equipment in cooperation with rotary clubs around the world.

Rota-Dent Board of Directors

The directors are named by the two Newberg Rotary clubs and the Austin family. Two members are appointed by each of the clubs for a two-year term and one by the Austin family. The Austin family owns A-dec, Inc.

Donor Companies

A-dec, Newberg, Oregon, USA
W&H Dentalwerk, Burmoos, Austria

Sponsoring Rotary clubs:

Newberg Rotary Club, Newberg, Oregon, USA
Newberg Early Birds Rotary Club, Newberg, Oregon, USA